Become a Sponsor

Why Sponsor ZAP?

ZAP is the world’s most widely used web app scanner and a GitHub Top 1000 project.

It is open source and completely free of charge.

It is maintained by a relatively small team, most of whom work on ZAP in their own time.

Donating to ZAP will allow us to keep on making ZAP better and better.

You will also be able to publicly show your support of the ZAP project and gain brand recognition within a community of users who really care about web security.

How to Sponsor ZAP

The best way to support the ZAP project is to join The Software Security Project.

You can also sponsor the following members of the Core team directly - these contributions also count as donations to the ZAP project:

If you have any questions about sponsorship then please get in touch - we want to make it straightforward and as mutually beneficial as possible.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits


  • Direct sponsorship allowing one or more of the ZAP Core Team to spend at least 80% of their time working on ZAP.


  • A significant investment in time or money, equivalent to $10,000 or more.


  • Option to sponsor specific less involved developments (see Caveats).
  • An investment in time or money, equivalent to $5,000 or more.


  • An investment in time or money, equivalent to more than $1,000.


  • Any contributions less than $1,000.


Any work undertaken as part of sponsorship will need to be compatible with the Roadmap.

All benefits are under continual review and are subject to change without notice.

Historic Donations

Supporters will move down one level each full calendar year after the last donation. Supporters will not be removed from the Community section.

Note that companies whose actions are considered to be damaging to the ZAP project may be demoted or even be removed from the Supporters page, at the discretion of the ZAP Core Team.

Also see the Third Party Engagement page.