ZAP is a complex and ambitious non-profit project. Commercial companies that maintain projects equivalent to ZAP have hundreds of people working on them.

Main Sponsor

ZAP development is supported by the Crash Override Open Source Fellowship.

For more details also see associated blog post.


While the Crash Override Open Source Fellowship support means that ZAP can survive, we still need to find a long term independent and scalable funding model in order for ZAP to thrive.

The following commercial support options are now available. These are provided by ZAProxy Ltd a non profit dedicated to raising money for ZAP.

All of the money raised from any of these services will help fund ZAP development - ZAP is a non-profit open source project.

Support Packages

Support packages are designed for supporting ZAP existing features. They will give you prioritised access to the ZAP developers in order to resolve any problems or bugs you may find while using ZAP.

They are also a way for companies to help ZAP become sustainable.

Bronze Silver Gold
Price (per year) $10,000 $25,000 $50,000
Support Type Slack, Email Slack, Email, Video Slack, Email, Video
Response Time 3 Business Days 2 Business Days 1 Business Day

All companies who purchase support packages will get a dedicated private Slack channel, and more visibility and input into the ZAP roadmap, in proportion to the support level.

Get in touch to purchase one of these packages or if you would like additional support.

Community Support

We will still provide free community support via the ZAP User Group on a “best efforts” basis, but commercial support will take precedence.

Sponsored developments allow you to expedite planned ZAP features.

Any developments on the Roadmap without an existing sponsor can be sponsored.

Developments not on the roadmap can also be sponsored, but the cost will increase for changes that are not part of our strategic development.

We are also available to implement ZAP related features that are company specific, and these developments can be closed source. However the cost will again increase.

For more details get in touch.


Consultancy gives you direct access to the ZAP Core Team.

This can be for anything ZAP related, for example:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Initial set up
  • Performance tuning
  • Integration with 3rd party services

The consultancy rate will depend on the work to be performed, and will be per day with a discount for a full week’s work.

For more details get in touch.


Unfortunately donations have not historically allowed us to raise anything like the level of funding we need to support ZAP development.

As an alternative you are welcome to buy one or more days of consultancy and just not use them 😁.