3rd Party Package Maintenance

ZAP is re-packaged by a number of 3rd parties.

This page lists all of the ones we are aware of along with details of how we notify them of new ZAP releases.

To be added to this page submit a PR via the “Edit on GitHub” link in the footer.

Package Instructions
BackBox Maintained by @raffaele_forte
Brew Submit a PR on zap-rb
Chocolatey Raise an issue on chocolatey-packages
Flathub Submit a PR on ZAP
FreeBSD Maintained by Alonso Cárdenas
Kali Raise a new issue on the Kali Linux Bug Tracker
Linux repos Maintained by Cabelo on behalf of the ZAP Core Team
OpenSUSE Raise a Request on that page
Scoop Submit a PR on zaproxy.json