Download ZAP

Checksums for all of the ZAP downloads are maintained on the 2.15.0 Release Page and in the relevant version files.

As with all software we strongly recommend that ZAP is only installed and used on operating systems and JREs that are fully patched and actively maintained.

ZAP 2.15.0

Windows (64) Installer 228 MB      Download
Windows (32) Installer 228 MB      Download
Linux Installer 224 MB      Download
Linux Package 221 MB      Download
macOS (Intel - amd64) Installer 250 MB      Download
macOS (Apple Silicon - aarch64) Installer 248 MB      Download
Cross Platform Package 261 MB      Download
Core Cross Platform Package 98 MB      Download
  • Most of the files contain the default set of functionality, and you can add more functionality at any time via the ZAP Marketplace.
  • The core package contains the minimal set of functionality you need to get you started.
  • The Windows and Linux versions require Java 11 or higher to run.
  • The macOS version includes Java 11 - you can use the Linux or Cross Platform versions if you do not want to download this.
  • The installers are built using a multi-platform installer builder which provides an unattended mode.
  • For more information about this release see the release notes.

Launch the installation wizard by double clicking on the downloaded executable file


Read the License agreement and click 'Accept' to continue the installation


Select 'Standard' or 'Custom' installation


Click 'Finish' to exit set up


Stable The standard release docker pull
docker pull zaproxy/zap-stable
GHCR Page Docker Hub Page
Bare Minimal release, ideal for CI docker pull
docker pull zaproxy/zap-bare
GHCR Page Docker Hub Page
Weekly Updated every week docker pull
docker pull zaproxy/zap-weekly
GHCR Page Docker Hub Page
Nightly The very latest source code docker pull
docker pull zaproxy/zap-nightly
GHCR Page Docker Hub Page
  • See Docker for more information.

ZAP Weekly

Weekly Cross Platform Package 276 MB Download
  • We generate weekly releases of ZAP from the main branch, typically every Monday.
  • These are just intended for people who want to use all of the features we’ve added since the last ‘full’ release but don’t want the hassle of building ZAP from the source code.
  • While we endeavor to ensure that weekly releases are robust, things may be broken or only partially implemented.
  • It is cross platform (Windows, Linux and macOS) but does not include any installers.
  • It requires Java 11 or higher to run.

Officially Supported Repos

Linux Repos


  • On Linux systems you can also use Flathub.
  • To install: flatpak install flathub org.zaproxy.ZAP
  • To run: flatpak run org.zaproxy.ZAP
  • Maintained by the ZAP Team


  • On Linux systems you can use Snapcraft.
  • To install: snap install zaproxy --classic
  • To run: zaproxy
  • Maintained by the ZAP Team

Windows Package Manager

  • On Windows systems you can use Windows Package Manager.
  • To install: winget install --id=ZAP.ZAP -e
  • Updated by the ZAP Team

Homebrew Cask

  • On macOS you can also install ZAP using Homebrew Cask
  • To install: brew install --cask zap
  • Updated by the ZAP Team


  • On Windows systems you can also use Scoop.
  • To install: scoop install zaproxy
  • Updated by the ZAP Team

3rd Party Repos (Unsupported)


  • On FreeBSD systems you can also use the zaproxy package.
  • Dependency lines: zaproxy>0:security/zaproxy
  • To install the port: cd /usr/ports/security/zaproxy/ && make install clean
  • To add the package run: pkg install zaproxy


  • On Windows systems you can use Chocolatey.
  • To install: choco install zap

Latest Versions

Older Versions

Client Configuration

Setting up Zap for Android

Setting up Zap for iPad

Seeting up Zap for Client Application