About ZAP

Mission Statement - this is what we are trying to achieve

Team - the key people working on ZAP right now

Support - how the ZAP team can support you, and how you can support ZAP

Roadmap - where ZAP is headed

History - how ZAP came to be (work in progress)

Get In Touch

User Group - the best place to ask questions about using ZAP

Developer Group - ask questions about the ZAP internals

HUD Group - ask questions about the ZAP Heads Up Display internals

IRC - chat with core ZAP developers on the #zaproxy Libera Chat channel (European office hours usually best)

Evangelists - people happy to give ZAP talks or training around the world

Report Problems

Issues - see known issues and feature requests and raise new ones

Bug Bounty Program - for reporting any vulnerabilities

Get Involved

Contributing Guide - lots more details on how you can get involved

Source Code - for all ZAP related projects

Crowdin (GUI) - help translate the ZAP GUI

Crowdin (Desktop User Guide) - help translate the ZAP Desktop User Guide

GSoC - Google Summer of Code

Student Hall of Fame - Students who have made significant contributions to ZAP

Supporters and Other Third Parties

Supporters - Companies who have supported ZAP in a variety of ways

Success Stories - See how companies are using ZAP right now

Third Party Products and Services - Third Party products and services that use or integrate with ZAP

Third Party Engagement - How Third Parties can use ZAP and engage with the ZAP Core Team