Dark Mode in the Weekly Release

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We release ZAP every week: https://www.zaproxy.org/download/#weekly

We’re happy to announce that this week’s release includes the first steps towards an all new dark mode for the ZAP Desktop UI:

It’s early days - not all screens use suitable colours, but it should be mostly usable. To enable it in the weekly release:

  1. Open up the ZAP Options
  2. Select the Display screen
  3. Select either ‘Flat Dark’ or ‘Flat Darcula’
  4. Restart ZAP

If you want to see the progress on fixing the known issues, or to report any more, have a look at this issue: https://github.com/zaproxy/zaproxy/issues/5542

Many thanks to @JFormDesigner for the FlatLaf Look and Feel which adds this feature to ZAP.