ZAP Professional Services?

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As you may be aware, my current focus is trying to work out a way to increase the number of people able to work on ZAP full time.

One of the options I am investigating is for us to start providing ZAP based professional services.

I would like to stress that the whole point of such services would be to raise money that we can re-invest into ZAP development.

The sort of services we could provide include:

Support Contracts

These would be per year and would cover any bugs found in existing ZAP functionality.

We would provide a dedicated email address and a guaranteed initial response time.

Anyone taking up this option would also get more visibility and input into our roadmap.


This would be charged per (8 hour) day and could cover a range of things including:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Initial ZAP configuration
  • Integration with other services
  • Optimization

These would have to be open source.

The cost would be agreed up front but would completely depend on the work involved.

There would be a higher cost for any work that is not part of our strategic direction. Or maybe I should say there would be a lower cost for anything that is part of our strategic direction 😉.

Custom Developments

These could be open or closed source, and potentially company specific.

The cost would be agreed up front but would completely depend on the work involved.

These will be significantly more expensive than Sponsored Developments as they are not expected to benefit the majority of ZAP users!


We do not currently have any pre-prepared training courses, so these can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

The cost would need to cover the cost of developing the course(s).

Training would be remote unless we work with a third party training provider. We do not currently have the people available to deliver on-site training.


Are you interested in any of the above? Or other professional services that you think we could provide?

We do not provide any of these services right now, but I want to understand what services you might be interested in paying for and what sort of budget you have available.

If there is no interest in specific services, or if the money we could raise via them would not help fund ZAP development, then there will be no point in us providing them.

You can contact me via: