ZAP - Full Scan

ZAP - Full Scan

The ZAP full scan is a script that is available in the ZAP Docker images.

It runs the ZAP spider against the specified target (by default with no time limit) followed by an optional ajax spider scan and then a full active scan before reporting the results.

This means that the script does perform actual ‘attacks’ and can potentially run for a long period of time.

By default it reports all alerts as WARNings but you can specify a config file which can change any rules to FAIL or IGNORE. The configuration works in a very similar way as the Baseline Scan so see the Baseline page for more details.


Usage: -t <target> [options]
    -t target         target URL including the protocol, eg
    -h                print this help message
    -c config_file    config file to use to INFO, IGNORE or FAIL warnings
    -u config_url     URL of config file to use to INFO, IGNORE or FAIL warnings
    -g gen_file       generate default config file(all rules set to WARN)
    -m mins           the number of minutes to spider for (defaults to no limit)
    -r report_html    file to write the full ZAP HTML report
    -w report_md      file to write the full ZAP Wiki(Markdown) report
    -x report_xml     file to write the full ZAP XML report
    -J report_json    file to write the full ZAP JSON document
    -a                include the alpha active and passive scan rules as well
    -d                show debug messages
    -P                specify listen port
    -D                delay in seconds to wait for passive scanning 
    -i                default rules not in the config file to INFO
    -I                do not return failure on warning (post 2.9.0)
    -j                use the Ajax spider in addition to the traditional one
    -l level          minimum level to show: PASS, IGNORE, INFO, WARN or FAIL, use with -s to hide example URLs
    -n context_file   context file which will be loaded prior to scanning the target
    -p progress_file  progress file which specifies issues that are being addressed
    -s                short output format - dont show PASSes or example URLs
    -T                max time in minutes to wait for ZAP to start and the passive scan to run
    -U user           username to use for authenticated scans - must be defined in the given context file (post 2.9.0)
    -z zap_options    ZAP command line options e.g. -z "-config aaa=bbb -config ccc=ddd"
    --hook            path to python file that define your custom hooks

To run it with no ‘file’ params use:

docker run -t -t

If you use ‘file’ params then you need to mount the directory those file are in or will be generated in, eg

docker run -v $(pwd):/zap/wrk/:rw -t \
    -t -g gen.conf -r testreport.html

Note that $(pwd) is supported on Linux, MacOS and PowerShell. See Docker About - Mounting the current directory for Windows, etc.

Scan Hooks

This script supports scan hooks which allow you to override or modify behaviour of the script components instead of having to write a new script.

Source Code

The source code for this script is in