Frequently Asked Questions

How can you start ZAP?

Again, this depends on the OS:


There are 3 options on Windows:

  1. Via the desktop icon (assuming you selected this option during installation)
  2. Via the ‘Start’ menu:
    • All Programs
      • OWASP
        • Zed Attack Proxy
          • ZAP <version>
  3. Via the ‘zap.bat’ command line script in the installation directory


On Linux there's just a ‘’ script in the installation directory, although you can create a desktop icon manually as well.

Mac OS

Generally, most user's tend to use the Mac OS build, which is a ordinary Mac OS app that can be started as any other app: Double-Click on the app to start it.

If you have installed ZAP in ‘/Applications’ then you can run it from the command line using ‘/Applications/OWASP\’

If you have installed ZAP in another directory then change the initial ‘/Applications’ part accordingly.

If you have downloaded the Linux package, which can also be run on Mac OS, you can use the ‘’ script, as per linux.