Frequently Asked Questions

How can you start ZAP?

Again, this depends on the OS:


There are 3 options on Windows:

  1. Via the desktop icon (assuming you selected this option during installation)
  2. Via the ‘Start’ menu:
    • All Programs
      • OWASP
        • Zed Attack Proxy
          • ZAP <version>
  3. Via the ‘zap.bat’ command line script in the installation directory


On Linux there's just a ‘’ script in the installation directory, although you can create a desktop icon manually as well.

Mac OS

Generally, most user's tend to use the Mac OS build, which is a ordinary Mac OS app that can be started as any other app: Double-Click on the app to start it. If you have downloaded the Linux package, which can also be run on Mac OS, you can use the ‘’ script, as per linux.