Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default directory that ZAP uses?

The default directory that ZAP uses depends on the OS.

You can open the ZAP Home directory in your OS’s file explorer in ZAP via Help > Support Info ... and by clicking on the Open ZAP Home button.

It can be overridden using the -dir command line option.

The default or home directory contains ZAP files added or modified at runtime. Including (but not limited to): config files, add-ons, input files, logs, etc. It is also the save location, for: scripts, active scan policy files, exported contexts, etc.

Note: ZAP’s home is not the same as the user’s home directory, which is also OS dependent, and is the initial save location for sessions, reports, exported URLs, etc.

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

C:\Users\<username>\OWASP ZAP



Mac OS

~/Library/Application Support/ZAP

Weekly releases and development builds

Note that for both weekly releases and dev builds _D is appended to the above mentioned directory name. For example on Linux the home directory is ~/.ZAP_D/.