Success Story: Jit

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OWASP ZAP has changed the adoption of security across the industry, enabling any organization to have better web application security through open source tooling. That is why after research and benchmarking Jit selected OWASP ZAP to be a critical tool in its DevSecOps orchestration platform. As a best of breed OSS DAST tool (dynamic application security testing), it provides development teams with the confidence in their application and API security, enabling them to deploy code at the velocity modern engineering organizations require.

Jit not only leverages OWASP ZAP to deliver a robust and much-needed security control for its users, but also uses ZAP through the Jit platform to secure its own cloud native stack. By supporting the most up-to-date tool chains, with a high fidelity of results, ZAP has become the de facto open source security tool of choice for millions of developers around the globe, including Jit’s own engineers.