ZAP Professional Services!

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I am delighted to announce that ZAP professional services are now available.

DAST scanning is hard, and web applications work in so many different ways. ZAP can be configured to handle just about anything, but that does mean it can be complex to configure.

You can unlock the full potential of ZAP with the help of the people who know ZAP best - the developers behind ZAP.

This is your chance to get expert guidance and assistance on everything to do with ZAP. Not only that, but by doing so you will help the ZAP project.

All of the money raised for any of these services will help fund ZAP development.

Available options include:

  • Support Packages
  • Sponsored Developments
  • Consultancy

The services are provided by key members of the ZAP Core Team via ZAProxy Ltd a non-profit dedicated to raising money for ZAP.

For more details see the Support page.

ZAPbot pro services