Open Redirect

Type: Passive Scan


Open redirects are one of the OWASP 2010 Top Ten vulnerabilities. This check looks at user-supplied input in query string parameters and POST data to identify where open redirects might be possible. Open redirects occur when an application allows user-supplied input (e.g. to control an offsite redirect. This is generally a pretty accurate way to find where 301 or 302 redirects could be exploited by spammers or phishing attacks.

For example an attacker could supply a user with the following link:


To avoid the open redirect vulnerability, parameters of the application script/program must be validated before sending 302 HTTP code (redirect) to the client browser. Implement safe redirect functionality that only redirects to relative URI's, or a list of trusted domains



Last updated: 2020-04-30 16:12:39.623Z