ZAP History: 2010 - Andiparos

While I was still finalising the first ZAP release someone else beat me to it 😟.

After years of being neglected, Paros was also forked by Axel Neumann who called his version AndiParos.

I’ll have to admit that I was very disheartened and seriously considered abandoning my plans for ZAP.

However on reflection I decided to press ahead anyway. It looked like Axel’s focus was on pentesting while I wanted to create a web security tool for developers, and I also wanted to use the Apache V2 license rather than the GPL v2 license Axel had chosen.

Axel actually spotted ZAP before I announced it and you can see our first conversations here:

In time we agreed to work together and Axel became the second contributor to work on ZAP, after myself.

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