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ZAP History: 2009 - Paros Proxy

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I’ve always had side projects but at that time I had never contributed to open source. I decided it was a good time to start contributing, so I looked around for an open source security tool with an active community. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one. OWASP had WebScarab, but I didn’t really get on with that, and in any case development on that seemed to have stopped.

ZAP History: 2009 - The Pentest

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In 2009 I was a Java developer / team leader and led a small team which developed an online service for a major accounting software company. As this service was considered to be security critical I insisted that an external pentest team was hired to ensure the software was suitably secure.

ZAP History: 2010 - Andiparos

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While I was still finalising the first ZAP release someone else beat me to it 😟. After years of being neglected, Paros was also forked by Axel Neumann who called his version AndiParos. I’ll have to admit that I was very disheartened and seriously considered abandoning my plans for ZAP.

ZAP History: 2010 - Why the Name ZAP?

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I find naming things hard. It is easier if the tool has a very specific purpose, but ZAP has lots of uses. When I was a developer I always wrote command line scripts. If I thought I might need them again then I would call them something sensible, something that would help me find them again.