Third Party Products and Services

Third Party Products and Services which use or integrate with ZAP.
Note that these are not endorsed by either OWASP or the ZAP team.


Services that use ZAP.
Commercial, free option
ZAP Platinum Supporter
ZAP Silver Supporter
Commercial, free community edition
ZAP Silver Supporter
IOTHREAT Commercial
ZAP Bronze Supporter
SecureCodeBox Free, open source OWASP Tool
DAST Operator Free, open source
Microsoft RAFT Free, open source
PurpleTeam-Labs Commercial, free option, open source OWASP Tool
Alertflex Commercial, free community edition, open source
Idyllum Commercial, free option
HostedScan Commercial, free option
PatrOwl Commercial, free for open source projects Commercial, free option
GitLab Commercial
Nucleus Commercial


Products and services that can import ZAP results.
ZAP Silver Supporter
Faraday Open source community edition
ZAP Bronze Supporter
DefectDojo Free, open source OWASP Tool
Dradis Open source community edition
Sn1per Open source community edition
Uleska Commercial, free option
Edgescan Commercial
Security Phoenix Commercial


ZAP related training courses.
AppSec Engineer DAST Automation with OWASP ZAP
Coursera Web Application Security Testing with OWASP ZAP
Cycubix Web Application Security Essentials
Cybrary OWASP ZAP Tool
Eduonix PenTesting with OWASP ZAP: mastery course
Pluralsight ZAP Getting Started Course
Pluralsight Automate Web Application Scans with OWASP ZAP and Python
Pluralsight Writing Custom Scripts for OWASP Zed Attack Proxy
Udemy OWASP ZAP From Scratch