Spring4Shell Detection with ZAP

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As you are probably all too aware, there is yet another Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in a popular framework.

So we’ve created a new Alpha Active Scan rule, not surprisingly called Spring4Shell.

Spring4Shell Alert

Unlike Log4Shell this rule is easier to use, just install the latest alpha active scan rules add-on and make sure the Spring4Shell rule is enabled when you active scan your apps.

The rule uses a payload of class.module.classLoader.DefaultAssertionStatus=nonsense (inspired by this twitter thread) on all nodes and raises an alert if this payload results in a 400 response. It will not raise an alert if a similar but safe payload also results in a 400 response.

Like to know more? The relevant code is all in Spring4ShellScanRule.java.

We’ve tested it against a selection of apps which are deliberately vulnerable to Spring4Shell and it appears to work well.

However, as always we would like your feedback - try it out against your apps and let us know how well it works.