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You want to find out as much info about a URL as possible really quickly.

Why? Well, you could be:

  • A pentester just starting your week looking at a new set of apps
  • A security professional who has just found out about a new public web app from your company you were not previously aware of
  • A developer who has just been given an existing web app to maintain

So … ZAPit!

ZAP Chat Video

ZAPit is a new feature in 2.14.0 which performs a quick ‘reconnaissance’ scan of the URL specified. It currently only runs from the command line.

For more details see the ZAPit help page.

ZAP Chat Video Commands

The commands I used in the above video were:

Download and run bash in the ZAP stable docker image (not required if you have ZAP installed locally):

docker pull softwaresecurityproject/zap-stable
docker run -it softwaresecurityproject/zap-stable bash

Update ZAP and install Wappalyzer and the Beta Passive Scan Rules:

./ -cmd -addonupdate -addoninstall wappalyzer -addoninstall pscanrulesBeta

Run ZAP against (or any other URL you specify):

./ -cmd -zapit


Do you think ZAPit will be useful to you?

Would you like it to do anything else?

Let us know via the ZAP User Group.


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