Technology Detection Using Wappalyzer

The Technology Detection add-on uses the Wappalyzer rules to detect the technologies used by applications.

It works in a very similar way to the Wappalyzer browser add-ons with the following exceptions:

  • It does not use the ‘Global JavaScript variables’ as these are difficult to test without a ‘full’ browser
  • It does not not show the confidence - this is still todo
  • It allows you to see the ‘evidence’ used to detect the technologies

The Technology Tab

This tab shows all of the detected technologies for the site selected.
Right clicking on a technology will display a ‘Show evidence’ menu under which are all of the regexes used to detect it.
Selecting a regex will switch to the ‘Search’ tab and search through the history for that regex. Note: If multiple rows are selected the menu will not be displayed.

Beside the site selection drop down is an Export button which can be used to export a CSV (comma separated values) file based on the table information currently being displayed. There is also a toggle button which allows users to easily Enable/Disable the Wappalyzer passive scanner.

The toolbar includes an enable/disable toggle button which controls whether the technology detection passive scan rule is functioning or not. This enabled state is persisted between ZAP sessions. The Wappalyzer Homepage The Wappalyzer Repository