Technology Detection

The Technology Detection add-on uses various patterns and finger prints to detect the technologies used by applications.

It works in a very similar way to the Wappalyzer browser add-ons with the following exceptions:

  • It does not use the ‘Global JavaScript variables’ as these are difficult to test without a ‘full’ browser
  • It does not not show the confidence - this is still todo
  • It does not match technologies on the basis of DOM properties as some properties are set by JavaScript in the browser after the response has passed through ZAP
  • It allows you to see the ’evidence’ used to detect the technologies

The Technology Tab

This tab shows all of the detected technologies for the site selected.
Right clicking on a technology will display a ‘Show evidence’ menu under which are all of the regexes used to detect it.
Selecting a regex will switch to the ‘Search’ tab and search through the history for that regex. Note: If multiple rows are selected the menu will not be displayed.

Beside the site selection drop down is an Export button which can be used to export a CSV (comma separated values) file based on the table information currently being displayed. There is also a toggle button which allows users to easily Enable/Disable the Technology Detection passive scanner.

The toolbar includes an enable/disable toggle button which controls whether the technology detection passive scan rule is functioning or not. This enabled state is persisted between ZAP sessions.


Technology data is available to reports via the WappalyzerJobResultData class.

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