Support Changes

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As you may well know the ZAP team uses the ZAP User Group as the main way of dealing with support questions.

You can see in the User Group usage chart the number of questions being asked on this group has been steadily increasing over many years, while the size of the core ZAP team has not increased for a while. The result is that dealing with support queries has been taking up more and more of our time, and that reduces the time we can spend on ZAP development.

We have decided that we need to limit the time we spend on community questions in order to focus more on making ZAP better, which in turn will hopefully help to reduce the support load. Unfortunately this will mean that questions may take longer to get answers, answers may be shorter, and we are more likely to just redirect you to existing docs.

Note that we are now able to provide commercial support packages.

Commercial support will obviously take precedence over the community support that we will be able to give, and will help us build ZAP into a sustainable project.

Also please note that you should not ask questions as GitHub issues - they will be closed and you will be redirected to the User Group. Your query will not get answered any more quickly.

Your understanding is appreciated.