Bar Charts

We measure and record a range of statistics related to ZAP, some of which are made public here.

The blog post: Collecting Statistics for Open Source Projects explains how this all works.

Check for Updates

The number of Check for Update requests received per month. From 2.9.0 the suffix 'd' indicates ZAP is running as a daemon rather than the desktop.

The ‘devw’ label is used for the development version of ZAP, these stats were not reliably recorded before 2020-11-01.

The Check for Update requests that ZAP makes are detailed in the FAQ: What ‘calls home’ does ZAP make?

Direct Downloads

Direct downloads since v2.4.3. It is worth noting that downloads have reduced since the Docker images have become more popular.

Docker Pulls

Docker pulls since the ZAP Docker images were published.

No, we don’t know why there were so many Docker pulls from May 2021 either 😛.

User Group

Messages and threads since the group was created.