No target dates are given as much of the work on ZAP is done by volunteers. We also aim to react very quickly to urgent issues which inevitably delays other planned work.

For details of how to sponsor ZAP developments see the Sponsor page.

These are the major items on ZAP’s roadmap for the next few years:

Year Status
Sponsor Item
2023 ⚡ In progress Update to latest Crawljax
2023 ⚡ In progress Improve modern web app handling
2023 ⚡ In progress Google Summer of Code Browser Recorder
2023 ⚡ In progress Google Summer of Code Import Postman API Definitions into ZAP
2023 ⚡ In progress Automation Framework enhancements
2023 ⚡ In progress Move core functionality to add-ons
2023 ⚡ In progress OpenSSF Best Practices: Silver
n/a ♻ Ongoing Continue working on issues
n/a ♻ Ongoing Continue improving scan rules
n/a ♻ Ongoing Continue improving authentication handling
2023 🎉 Finished Rebrand
2023 🎉 Finished Release 2.14
2023 🎉 Finished Release 2.13
2023 🎉 Finished NightVision AJAX Spider Element Exclusion
2023 🎉 Finished Jit Authentication handling improvements