Sequence Scanner

This add-on facilitates the recording and scanning sequences of requests. In some web applications it is necessary for particular events or pages to be accessed or completed in a certain order. By recording a sequence and then scanning it, it is possible to ensure such flows happen in an expected manner.

Creating Sequences

One sequence script should be created for each multi-step operation in the application/site being tested. There are two options for creating sequences:

  1. In either the Sites tree or History tab select the requests you wish to have included, right click, and use “Add To Zest Script” (either choosing to create a new script or adding to an existing Sequence script).
  2. From the main tool bar, use the “Record a New Zest Script…” button, selecting “Sequence” as the type.


When a new Active Scan is created there is a “Sequence” tab in which you can choose the sequence(s) to be scanned. Note: The Sequence tab is only visible when “Show advanced options” is selected. For Example:

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