Student Hall of Fame

The following students have completed projects which have significantly improved ZAP.

To qualify for this list students must complete a non trivial project and have their work either included in the ZAP core or in an add-on that has been published on the Marketplace. Projects that are not published by the time the students have finished can still qualify to be included if someone else completes their work and publishes it for them.

Note that significant non code projects, such as documentation, also qualify.

If you would like to work on ZAP as part of a student project then just post to the ZAP Developer Group.

Student(s) Contact Title Date Program Links
Vitika Soni Postman Support 2023 Summer GSoC
Aryan Gupta Browser Recorder 2023 Summer GSoC
Arkaprabha Chakraborty Param Digger 2022 Summer GSoC
Akshath Kothari Out-of-band Application Security Testing 2021 Summer GSoC
Pranav Saxena Retesting Alerts 2021 Summer GSoC
Akshath Kothari GraphQL Support 2020 Summer GSoC
Nirojan Selvanathan ZAP GitHub actions 2020 Spring Direct
Nirojan Selvanathan ZAP API documentation 2019 Autumn GSoD
Manos Kirtas Scanning websockets (phase 2) 2019 Summer GSoC
David Scrobonia The ZAP HUD 2016-2018 Direct
Kajan Mohanagandhirasa Authentication helper 2018 Summer GSoC
Manos Kirtas Scanning websockets (phase 1) 2018 Summer GSoC
Ryan Wehe Form handling (team project) 2016 Winter MWoS
Christopher Laguna Form handling (team project) 2016 Winter MWoS
Rian Franey Form handling (team project) 2016 Winter MWoS
Sanchit Kapoor Bug tracker support 2016 Summer GSoC
Aabha Biyani DOM XSS Scanner 2015 Summer Direct
Sebastian Schulze Advanced fuzzing 2014 Summer GSoC
Alberto Verza SOAP scanning 2014 Summer GSoC
Cosmin Stefan Advanced Access Control testing 2014 Summer GSoC
Rauf Butt BIRT Reporting 2013 Summer GSoC
Alessandro Secco Zest enhancements 2013 Summer GSoC
Cosmin Stefan Enhanced HTTP Session Handling 2013 Summer GSoC
Pulasthi Mahawithana SAML 2.0 support 2013 Summer GSoC
Abdelhadi Azouni CMS add-on 2013 Summer GSoC
Robert Koch WebSocket testing 2012 Summer GSoC
Guifre Ruiz Ajax Spider 2012 Summer GSoC
Cosmin Stefan Crawler redesign with session support 2012 Summer GSoC

Program codes:

  • Direct: Directly mentored by the ZAP team
  • GSoC: Google Summer of Code
  • GSoD: Google Season of Docs
  • MWoS: Mozilla Winter of Security