Postman Support

This add-on will allow you to import Postman collections through the UI, importing through the API and command line is under development.

It also supports the Automation Framework.


A menu item is added to the Import menu:

  • Import a Postman Collection

Any variables defined in the collection will be replaced with their values. Additionally, the dialog allows providing a comma-separated list of variables as key-value pairs in the format key1=value1,key2=value2,..., these variables will have precedence over the collection ones.


The following operations are added to the API:

  • ACTION importFile (file, endpointUrl)
  • ACTION importUrl (url, endpointUrl)

Command Line

The following Command Line options are added:

  • -postmanfile <filename> : Imports a Postman collection from the specified file name
  • -postmanurl <url> : Imports a Postman collection from the specified URL
  • -postmanendpointurl <url> : The endpoint URL, to override the base URLs present in the Postman collection