GraphQL Support

This add-on allows you to import GraphQL definitions and send queries generated from them.

The add-on will automatically detect any GraphQL definitions and spider them as long as they are in scope.
The spider is supported on ZAP 2.10.0 and later.


A menu item is added to the Import menu:

  • Import a GraphQL schema

Endpoint URL Format

The Endpoint URL has the following format:
with all URI components mandatory when importing from file.

Options Panel

A GraphQL Options Panel is added under Tools -> Options -> GraphQL. These options allow you to control the output of the Query Generator.


The following operations are added to the API:


  • optionArgsType
  • optionMaxArgsDepth
  • optionMaxQueryDepth
  • optionOptionalArgsEnabled
  • optionQuerySplitType
  • optionQueryGenEnabled
  • optionRequestMethod


  • importFile (endurl*, file*)
  • importUrl (endurl*, url)
  • setOptionArgsType (String*)
  • setOptionMaxArgsDepth (Integer*)
  • setOptionMaxQueryDepth (Integer*)
  • setOptionOptionalArgsEnabled (Boolean*)
  • setOptionQueryGenEnabled (Boolean*)
  • setOptionQuerySplitType (String*)
  • setOptionRequestMethod (String*)

endurl supports the Endpoint URL format explained earlier. The definitions will be imported synchronously and any warnings will be returned.

Command Line

The following Command Line options are added:

  • -graphqlfile <filename> : Imports a GraphQL definition from a File
  • -graphqlurl <url> : Imports a GraphQL definition from a URL
  • -graphqlendurl <url> : Sets the Endpoint URL

The definitions will be imported synchronously and any warnings will be displayed on the command line.

See also

GraphQL Options for information about the optional parameters.
GraphQL Variant for information about the GraphQL variant.
GraphQL Automation for information about the automation framework support.
GraphQL Alerts for information about alerts raised by the add-on.