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ZAP Updates - March 2023

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March 2023 updates and ongoing feature development statuses.

Hacking ZAP - ZAP Extender Scripts

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An overview of ZAP Extender scripts with examples. Use ZAP as a web server, subscribe to internal ZAP events, and more!

Log4Shell Detection with ZAP

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A walkthrough of using the new Log4Shell Alpha Active Scan rule with the ZAP Automation Framework.

Introducing the GraphQL Add-on for ZAP

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GraphQL Schemas can be very large and testing them can be a very time-consuming process. Currently, there is a lack of tools that allow developers to launch and automate attacks on these endpoints. The GraphQL add-on for ZAP intends to fill this gap. The add-on is still in an early stage, so the range of its functionality is limited.