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ZAP Tags

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How to give some colours to ZAP's History tab. An introduction to passive scanning tags, its use cases, and the Neonmarker add-on.

ZAP 2.9 Highlights

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Do you know what interesting bits were added to ZAP 2.9.0? Don't read release notes? This blog post is for you! Session Management Scripts, Proxy Info Display, Proxy Port Reservation Failure Handling, Options Panel(s) Filter, Active Scan Filter, and more.

Customize Alert Details

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Did you know that you or your company/organization could customize the generic details of the alerts that ZAP raises? Alerts raised by ZAP contain a variety of information, some generic, some specific to the issue at hand. Specific details may include things such as URL, parameter, values, etc. While generic details include things like a description, solution, and links to related background material and resources.