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Postman Add-on

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Import Postman collections with the new Postman add-on for ZAP.

Retesting alerts with OWASP ZAP

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An overview of the features of the Retest add-on for OWASP ZAP. This add-on allows you to retest for previously generated alerts.

Introducing the GraphQL Add-on for ZAP

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GraphQL Schemas can be very large and testing them can be a very time-consuming process. Currently, there is a lack of tools that allow developers to launch and automate attacks on these endpoints. The GraphQL add-on for ZAP intends to fill this gap. The add-on is still in an early stage, so the range of its functionality is limited.

Alberto's GSoC 2014 Project for ZAP SOAP Scanner Add-On

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Hello everybody, my name is Alberto Verza, a 23 year student from Spain, and this summer I have participated in Google Summer of Code 2014. My project was the SOAP Scanner add-on for ZAP, in which I worked during all the Program. Let me explain you the features it includes.

ZAP 2.0.0 and the Google Summer of Code 2012 Projects

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We are getting close to releasing the next major version of ZAP. As there are so many changes we’ve decided to go to version 2.0.0 rather than 1.5, and some of the biggest changes have come about thanks to the Google Summer of Code (GSoC). This is the first year in which ZAP has taken part in the GSoC, and it has been a resounding success.