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Signing Requests using RSA Keys

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A new script in the community-scripts repository enables the signing of outgoing requests with RSA keys, addressing the challenge of testing applications that require this functionality.

Automated ZAP Scans for Orchard Core Apps

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If you have an app running on the ASP.NET Core web framework and CMS Orchard Core, you can now easily run ZAP scans for it.

Automation Guide - Exploring Your App

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ZAP cannot attack parts of the target app if it does not know about them. Exploring the app is key - the more effectively that is done the more effectively ZAP will be able to attack it. This is why ZAP has so many options for exploring apps.

Automation Guide - Options

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If you want to use ZAP for automated security scanning then you have a wide range of options, also listed on the main Automate page. Also see the ZAP Chat 06 Automation Introduction video which talks about and demonstrates all of these options in more detail. Each of these options provides a different balance between ease of use and flexibility + functionality: