Ajax Spider Automation Framework Support

This add-on supports the Automation Framework.

Job: spiderAjax

The spiderAjax job allows you to run the Ajax Spider - it is slower than the traditional spider but handles modern web applications well.

It is covered in the video: ZAP Chat 10 Automation Framework Part 4 - Spidering.

This job supports monitor tests.

  - type: spiderAjax                   # The ajax spider - slower than the spider but handles modern apps well
      context:                         # String: Name of the context to spider, default: first context
      user:                            # String: An optional user to use for authentication, must be defined in the env
      url:                             # String: Url to start spidering from, default: first context URL
      maxDuration:                     # Int: The max time in minutes the ajax spider will be allowed to run for, default: 0 unlimited
      maxCrawlDepth:                   # Int: The max depth that the crawler can reach, default: 10, 0 is unlimited
      numberOfBrowsers:                # Int: The number of browsers the spider will use, more will be faster but will use up more memory, default: 1
      runOnlyIfModern:                 # Boolean: If true then the spider will only run if a "modern app" alert is raised, default: false
      inScopeOnly:                     # Boolean: If true then any URLs requested which are out of scope will be ignored, default: true
      browserId:                       # String: Browser Id to use, default: firefox-headless
      clickDefaultElems:               # Bool: When enabled only click the default element: 'a', 'button' and 'input', default: true
      clickElemsOnce:                  # Bool: When enabled only click each element once, default: true
      eventWait:                       # Int: The time in milliseconds to wait after a client side event is fired, default: 1000
      maxCrawlStates:                  # Int: The maximum number of crawl states the crawler should crawl, default: 0 unlimited
      randomInputs:                    # Bool: When enabled random values will be entered into input element, default: true
      reloadWait:                      # Int: The time in milliseconds to wait after the URL is loaded, default: 1000
      elements:                        # A list of HTML elements to click - will be ignored unless clickDefaultElems is false
      - "a"
      - "button"
      - "input"
      excludedElements:                 # A list of HTML elements to exclude from click.
        - description: "Logout Button"  # String: Description of the exclusion.
          element: "button"             # String: Name of the element.
          xpath:                        # String: XPath of the element, optional.
          text:                         # String: Text of the element (exact match and case sensitive), optional.
          attributeName: "aria-label"   # String: Name of the attribute, optional unless the value is provided.
          attributeValue: "Logout"      # String: Value of the attribute, optional unless the name is provided.
      - name: 'At least 100 URLs found'      # String: Name of the test, default: statistic + operator + value
        type: 'stats'                        # String: Type of test, only 'stats' is supported for now
        statistic: 'spiderAjax.urls.added'   # String: Name of an integer / long statistic, currently supported: 'spiderAjax.urls.added'
        operator: '>='                       # String ['==', '!=', '>=', '>', '<', '<=']: Operator used for testing
        value: 100                           # Int: Change this to the number of URLs you expect to find
        onFail: 'info'                       # String [warn, error, info]: Change this to 'warn' or 'error' for the test to take effect

If the ‘runOnlyIfModern’ is set to ‘True’ then the passiveScan-wait job MUST be run before this one (as well as after it) and the Modern Web Application rule installed and enabled. If either of those things are not done then the ajax spider will always run and a warning output. If they are both done and no “Modern Web Application” alert is raised then the assumption is made that this is a tradition app and therefore the ajax spider is not needed.