Header Based Session Management

This add-on adds a new session management type which supports an arbitrary number of headers.

If used in conjunction with Browser Based Authentication then it will also maintain all of the cookies set as part of authentication.

The header values can include the following tokens:

{%json:path.to.data%} JSON authentication response data
{%env:env_var%} Environmental variable
{%script:glob_var%} Global script variable
{%header:env_var%} Authentication response header
{%url:key%} Authentication URL param

When adding Header Based Session Management via the API the headers parameter is a string of header:value pairs separated by newline characters: \n.

Automation Framework

Header Based Session Management can be configured in the environment section of an Automation Framework plan using:

        method: "headers"
        parameters:                    #  list of header: value pairs which can include any of the tokens defined above, e.g.
          Authorization: "Bearer: {%json:AuthenticationResult.AccessToken%}"

Note that due to restrictions in the core:

  • Existing contexts are not updated in the GUI if you add or remove this add-on
  • Header Based Session Management cannot be added to a context via the API

These restrictions will be addressed in a future release.

Latest code: HeaderBasedSessionManagementMethodType.java