Header Based Session Management

This add-on adds a new session management type which supports an arbitrary number of headers.

The header values can include the following tokens:

{%json:path.to.data%} JSON authentication response data
{%env:env_var%} Environmental variable
{%script:glob_var%} Global script variable
{%header:env_var%} Authentication response header
{%url:key%} Authentication URL param

When adding Header Based Session Management via the API the headers parameter is a string of header:value pairs separated by newline characters: \n.

Automation Framework

Header Based Session Management can be configured in the environment section of an Automation Framework plan using:

        method: "headers"
        parameters:                    #  list of header: value pairs which can include any of the tokens defined above, e.g.
          Authorization: "Bearer: {%json:AuthenticationResult.AccessToken%}"

Note that due to restrictions in the core:

  • Existing contexts are not updated in the GUI if you add or remove this add-on
  • Header Based Session Management cannot be added to a context via the API

These restrictions will be addressed in a future release.

Latest code: HeaderBasedSessionManagementMethodType.java