Release 1.4.1

The following changes were made in this release:

Bug fixes:

Issue 185: Problem causes Undoing/Redoing in text fields other than the one that has the focus.

Issue 297: Exclusions not honored

Issue 298: Content-Length header is not properly update

Issue 306: Change memory setting

Issue 307: ConcurrentModificationException when openning a big session

Issue 308: ZAP in daemon mode exits when you save a session

Issue 309: Client API cant cope with Informational risk

Issue 312: Increase the maximum number of scanning threads allowed

Issue 314: Handle very large results more cleanly

Issue 315: XSS false positive - injecting into an input src when the type is not ‘image’

Issue 319: Spider progress not reported correctly via the API

Issue 320: AScan can miss subtrees if invoked via the API

Issue 337: Increase jvm permsize

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