Automation Framework - requestor Job

This job sends specifically crafted requests to a target url, with a custom request method and body. The user can also specify an expected response code, against which the actual response is compared, and the user is warned in case it does not match. The user can add additional headers to the request e.g. Authorization Tokens, etc.

It is covered in the video: ZAP Chat 09 Automation Framework Part 3 - Requests.


  - type: requestor                    # Used to send specific requests to targets
      user:                            # String: An optional user to use for authenticated requests, must be defined in the env
    requests:                          # A list of requests to make
      - url:                           # String: A mandatory URL of the request to be made
        method:                        # String: A non-empty request method, default: GET
        httpVersion:                   # String: The HTTP version to send the request with, default: HTTP/1.1
        headers:                       # An optional list of additional headers to include in the request
            - "header1:value1"
        data:                          # String: Optional data to send in the request body
        responseCode:                  # Int: An optional, expected response code against which the actual response code will be matched