GraphQL Options

In this document, a ‘Query’ may refer to a GraphQL query, subscription or mutation.

Query Generator Configuration

The query generator uses the imported schema to generate queries for the target endpoint. If enabled, it may be configured with the following options.

Maximum Query Depth

The maximum depth of a generated query.

Lenient Maximum Query Depth

If enabled, this option prevents invalid queries by allowing additional depth for fields with no leaf types. If disabled, Maximum Query Depth is enforced strictly, even if it means generating an invalid query.

Additional Query Depth

The value for this option is used only if the “Lenient Maximum Query Depth” option is enabled. The maximum additional depth used to search for leaf-type fields. If a leaf type is not found, the generated query may be invalid and a message is logged.

Maximum Arguments Depth

The maximum depth of specified arguments. This is useful when a field has an input object as an argument.

Specify Optional Arguments

If this option is selected then optional (nullable) arguments will be specified too.

Specify Arguments

Choose how the field arguments should be added in the generated query,

  • Inline
  • Using Variables
  • Both - each query will be sent twice, once with inline arguments and once with variables

Generate Query For

A separate query may be generated for either of the following in the provided schema,

  • each Leaf, that is, each scalar or enum;
  • each field under a root operation type (Query, Mutation or Subscription); or
  • each root operation type.

Request Method

The requests made to the endpoint can be of the following types:

  • A POST request with a JSON body (Content-Type: application/json)
  • A POST request with a GraphQL query in the body (Content-Type: application/graphql)
  • A GET request with the query appended to it in a query string

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