Requester Tab

The Requester tab in the workspace panel, next to the standard “Request” and “Response” tabs.

The Requester tab acts like the Manual Request Editor dialog but supports as many sub-tabs as you need.

Right click on a request in any of the other ZAP tabs and select “Open in Requester Tab…” to open that request in a new Requester tab. You can also use the Control / Command + “W” key to do the same thing via the keyboard.

The tabs are initially numbered but if you double click on the tab then a dialog will be shown which will allow you to rename it.

Each tab has a footer which allows you to find strings in the HTTP request and response. The footer shows the number of case insensitive matches and allows you to loop through them. The footer also shows the time taken for the request, the body length, and the total length.

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