Options Passive Scanner screen

This screen allows you to configure the passive scanner.

Configuration Options

Field Details Default Config File
Only scan messages in scope Sets whether or not the passive scan should be performed only on messages that are in scope. Deselected Key: pscans.scanOnlyInScope Values: true or false
Include traffic from the Fuzzer when passive scanning Sets whether or not the passive scanning should be performed on messages generated by the Fuzzer. Deselected Key: pscans.scanFuzzerMessages Values: true or false
Max alerts any rule can raise Sets the maximum number of alerts a passive scan rule should raise. This may be slightly exceeded due to threading. This setting is typically only useful for automated scanning. Scan rules that exceed this value will be disabled and will need to be manually enabled if a new session is started. 0 (unset) Key: pscans.maxAlertsPerRule Values: 0: unset or the maximum number of alerts
Max body size in bytes to scan Sets the maximum size request or response body size in bytes that the passive scanner will scan. This can be used if passive scan rules take too long scanning very large requests or responses. If set the number of ignored requests and responses are recorded in the stats using the keys stats.pscan.reqBodyTooBig and stats.pscan.respBodyTooBig respectively. 0 (unset) Key: pscans.maxBodySizeInBytes Values: 0: unset or the maximum body size in bytes
Clear Queue Empties the passive scan queue without passively scanning the messages. Currently running rules will run to completion but new rules will only be run when new messages are added to the queue.

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