Release 1.3.1

The following changes were made in this release:

Bug fixes:

Issue 97: Working Directory for Applications

Issue 98: Not possible to cancel check for updates

Issue 100: Alerts tab has 2 ‘Resend…’ right click popups

Issue 104: Display warning dialog, when no root CA certificate exists

Issue 110: Choosing user’s language by default, when starting the first time

Issue 112: Provide a way to apply language packs on Mac OS

Issue 121: Session compare report javascript broken in Firefox 3

Issue 123: Cant select https site from Active scan window if theres an http equivalent

Issue 127: CSRF token feature does not work in fuzz - added help explanation for partial fix

Issue 140: The Display options shouldnt include the advanced or windows manager options

SSL Bug which prevented SSL connections from being established in any browser

Known issues:

Mac OS X: Dynamic SSL and Google Chrome

Currently Dynamic SSL is not working when using Google Chrome. This is because of an unresolved known issue with Google Chrome and Mac OS X Keychain. When importing OWASP ZAP’s Root CA into the keychain and requesting a SSL website, an “Invalid certificate” error message is shown.

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