SOAP Support

This add-on imports and scans WSDL files containing SOAP endpoints.

It also supports the Automation Framework.


The add-on will automatically detect any SOAP definitions and spider them as long as they are in scope.

2 menu items are also added to the Import menu:

  • Import a WSDL file from local file system
  • Import a WSDL file from a URL

These operations are also available via the API.

NOTE: As of version 6 of this add-on, only encoded URLs are supported.

Form Handler Add-on Support

The SOAP add-on supports overriding default parameter values based on field names via the Form Handler add-on. For example,
Form Handler Example


The scan rules added by this add-on are:


This add-on maintains the following statistics:

  • soap.urls.added: The total number of URLs (or SOAP Actions) added from imported WSDL files.