OAST Options

A tabbed pane allows you to configure the available OAST services.

General Settings

These are options not specific to a single OAST service.

Active Scan Service

A dropdown menu that allows you to select the out-of-band service that will be used by active scan rules.

Permanent Database

Enabling the “Use Permanent Database” option will allow you to persist registered out-of-band payloads in ZAP’s permanent database. The persisted payloads will be loaded into memory and polled along with other payloads as per the set polling interval. The permanent database is currently only supported by the BOAST service. NOTE : This means that Alerts may appear in a ZAP session which is not directly or specifically related to the original assessment/scan.

Service-Specific Configurations

Look at the individual options page of each service for more information about the available settings for that service.

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