Neonmarker addon, which colours History table entries based on tags. The add-on also facilitates colouring arbitrary messages in the History table via a right-click context menu. Tags are added to the selected messages to deliver the necessary colouring. Neonmarker’s custom tags take the form neon_UUID, for example: neon_e8b1d1e6-9dd4-4996-bc02-de2213986352. Another context menu item provides functionality to remove Neonmarker’s custom tags. The following code example shows how to add a Neonmarker colorMapping via JavaScript within ZAP using a Stand Alone script. extNeon = org.parosproxy.paros.control.Control.getSingleton().getExtensionLoader().getExtension(org.zaproxy.zap.extension.neonmarker.ExtensionNeonmarker.NAME); // History items tagged “Comment” will be red extNeon.addColorMapping("Comment", 0x990000);