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Version 19 - 2019-06-07

  • Fix exceptions when handling/dispatching events.
  • Add wrapper to websocket API responses.
  • Fix exception when handling API request with no API implementor.
  • Correct output stream used in server mode.
  • Add support for ‘other’ API operations.
  • Handle API options.
  • Validate the Origin for API connections.
  • Generate websocket events.
  • Add break API endpoints.
  • Scale fonts and icons correctly

Version 18 - 2018/08/01

  • Allow to reopen WebSocket connection to (re)send messages (Issue 4290).

Version 17 - 2018/07/13

  • Register WebSocket Sender script type also in daemon mode.
  • Fix an exception when dispatching events.
  • Fix an exception while uninstalling the add-on with no GUI (Issue 4815).
  • Remove event consumers when channel is no longer in expected state.

Version 16 - 2018/06/05

  • Tweak About help page.
  • Remove event consumers when the channel is closed.
  • Don’t enable the sender scripts by default.
  • Fix send of CLOSE messages with message editor (Issue 4657).
  • Add missing error message.
  • Fix removal of pop up menu items.
  • Allow to filter by payload in WebSocket tab (Issue 1382).
  • Show string representation of binary payloads in WebSocket tab and message panels.

Version 15

  • Remove usage of core filter functionality.
  • Do not set messages when switching views if text view shows an error message (Issue 4108)
  • Add rewind to fix issue #4149
  • Added Websocket Sender script interface
  • Added API support

Version 14

  • Updated for 2.7.0.

Version 13

  • Fix context include/exclude pop up menu items.
  • Fix/correct help buttons.
  • Set fuzzer script type enabled by default (Issue 2997).
  • Normalise the Session Properties panel Exclude from WebSockets.
  • Implements WebSocketSenderListener.
  • Use JRE decoder for UTF-8 conversions and log (debug) invalid payloads (related to Issue 3324).
  • Focus WebSockets tab just once (Issue 3747).
  • Minor code adjustment to align with core changes.
  • Code changes for Java 9 (Issue 2602).
  • Remove header Sec-WebSocket-Extensions (Issue 3324).
  • Add description to Fuzzer WebSocket Processor script type.
  • Update fuzzer template (use JSDoc and fix typos).