Authentication Statistics

This add-on records authentication related statistics for all contexts that are in scope.
The statistics are recorded on a per site basis and cover:

stats.auth.component.state.noauth The context does not have an authentication method
stats.auth.component.state.nothtml Non HTML responses (which are unlikely to have logged in/out indicators)
stats.auth.component.state.notsuccess Unsuccessful HTML responses (which are unlikely to have logged in/out indicators)
stats.auth.component.state.noindicator No logged in/out indicators have been defined
stats.auth.component.state.loggedinandout Both the logged in and out indicators present
stats.auth.component.state.loggedin Just the logged in indicator present
stats.auth.component.state.loggedout Just the logged out indicator present
stats.auth.component.state.unknown Neither the logged in or out indicators present

The component can be:

ascan Active Scanner
auth Authentication
fuzz Fuzzer
manual Manual requests
proxy Proxied requests
spider Spider
id The integer identifier of another component not listed above

the statistics can be accessed via the ZAP API.

The icon for this add-on was derived from the Fugue icons chart.png and locl-small.png