Release 2.2.2

The following changes were made in this release:

Minor changes:

Issue 744 : Allow overwriting custom fuzz files

Issue 795 : Allow param types scanned to be configured via UI

Issue 797 : Limit number of ascan results listed to speed up scans

Issue 798 : Add example scripts

Bug Fixes:

Issue 656 : Content-length: 0 in GET requests

Issue 680 : Set the right content type for JSON API results

Issue 716 : ZAP flags its own HTTP responses

Issue 746 : PassiveScan Extension Crashes if the History Extension is disabled

Issue 747 : Error opening session files on directories with special characters

Issue 791 : Saved sessions are discarded on ZAP’s exit

Issue 792 : Diff dialog fails when invoked from Zest

Issue 794 : Malformed Byte Sequence Exception

Issue 800 : User not prompted with check-for-updates option

Issue 802 : XML report generated by API differs from GUI report

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