GraphQL Automation Framework Support

This add-on supports the Automation Framework.

The add-on will import GraphQL schemas using introspection if endpoints are found while spidering. However, specifying an endpoint and (optionally) a schema file or URL is recommended if they are available.

Job: graphql

The graphql job allows you to import GraphQL schemas locally or from a URL. It supports the following parameters:

It is covered in the video: ZAP Chat 11 Automation Framework Part 5 - APIs.

  - type: graphql                      # GraphQL definition import
      endpoint:                        # String: the endpoint URL, default: null, no schema is imported
      schemaUrl:                       # String: URL pointing to a GraphQL Schema, default: null, import using introspection on endpoint
      schemaFile:                      # String: Local file path of a GraphQL Schema, default: null, import using schemaUrl
      queryGenEnabled:                 # Bool: Whether the Query Generator is enabled, default: true
      maxQueryDepth:                   # Int: The maximum query generation depth, default: 5
      lenientMaxQueryDepthEnabled:     # Bool: Whether or not Maximum Query Depth is enforced leniently, default: true
      maxAdditionalQueryDepth:         # Int: The maximum additional query generation depth (used if enforced leniently), default: 5
      maxArgsDepth:                    # Int: The maximum arguments generation depth, default: 5
      optionalArgsEnabled:             # Bool: Whether or not Optional Arguments should be specified, default: true
      argsType:                        # Enum [inline, variables, both]: How arguments are specified, default: both 
      querySplitType:                  # Enum [leaf, root_field, operation]: The level for which a single query is generated, default: leaf
      requestMethod:                   # Enum [post_json, post_graphql, get]: The request method, default: post_json

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