Add-ons add additional functionality to ZAP.
They have full access to all of the ZAP internals, and so can provide very powerful new features.
You can dynamically install add-ons from the online Add-on Marketplace via the Manage Add-ons dialog.
You can typically add and remove add-ons to and from the ZAP UI without having to restart it.

Add-ons can provide context sensitive help which is dynamically integrated with the help file.
If you are reading this page via a ZAP help file (as opposed to reading it online) then any help pages associated with the add-ons you have installed will be available under here.

Add-ons are assigned a status which may be one of:

Release which indicates they are of high status and fit for purpose
Beta which indicates they are of reasonable status but may be incomplete or need further testing
Alpha which indicates they are at an early stage of development

Location of add-ons available to ZAP

To make an add-on available to ZAP it must be in one of the following locations:

  • plugin directory located in the ZAP’s installation folder;
  • plugin directory located in the ZAP’s user folder.

See also

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Official Videos

ZAPCon 2022: More Power to “ZAP” - Demystifying ZAP Add-ons (40:29)