Options Database screen

This screen allows you to configure the database options:

Compact (on exit)

Allows to compact the database when ZAP is closed, compacting the database ensures a minimal space disk usage but it will also take longer to exit ZAP.

Recovery Log

Controls whether or not database’s recovery log is enabled.
Improves the performance of the database when disabled but might lead to data loss if ZAP is exited abruptly.
Note: current session will be unaffected, changes take effect on new and opened sessions.

Maximum Request Body Size

The largest request body size in bytes that ZAP will allow.

Maximum Response Body Size

The largest response body size in bytes that ZAP will allow.

Prompt for persistence options on new session

If checked then the Persist Session dialog will be shown when a new session is created.

Default option

The default option for new sessions - if the above prompt is enabled then the default option will be selected.
If the prompt is not enabled then this is the action that will be taken.

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