Customizable HTML Report

The Customizable HTML Report add-on allows to control the information that goes into the ZAP scanning report. It has three tabs to provide details about the report: Scope, Alerts and Alert Details.


Can set the report name, report description and select the template of the HTML output. Additionally, can specify whether to include only contents in scope.
Report templates:

  • Traditional: lists all the alerts and sorts them by the risk level from High to Low.
  • Separated Sites: same as Traditional, but also groups by domain names.
  • Concise: groups alerts by type (to avoid repetition) and sorts from High to Low.


Can select which alert types to include into the report. Additionally, alerts can be selected or unselected by risk level (Informational, Low, Medium and High).

Alert Details

Allows to select which alert attributes are included into the Report.
These are checked and are included by default:

  • Description
  • Other Info
  • Solution
  • Reference
  • CWE ID
  • Parameter
  • Attack
  • Evidence

These are unchecked and are excluded by default:

  • Request Header
  • Response Header
  • Request Body
  • Response Body