Options language screen

The language screen allows you to configure:

Language selection

The language ZAP uses for its display.
A set of languages are built into ZAP, however more languages may be available after the last release.
Check the ZAP download page for the latest language pack available.

Use system’s locale for formatting

If the formatting of numbers, dates, and times is done with the system’s locale instead of the locale of the selected language.

Language pack import

Besides the selection of the language that is used for ZAP’s display, the import tool enables you to import new language packs or language file updates. A language file pack will always have the extension zaplang . (E.g. language-pack-en_GB.zaplang)
After the import you will immediately be able to select the newly imported language from the language selection drop down menu on the top of the screen.
Note that you will need to restart ZAP in order to finally apply the new language.

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