Release 1.0.0

The following changes were made in this release:

Significant changes:

Help screens

Help screens have been added for all of the functionality now provided by ZAP.
Context sensitive help has also been implemented so that when you press the F1 key then the help screen associated with the tab you have selected will be displayed.


The implementation of Breakpoints has been changed to be closer to that provided by software Integrated Development Environments.
The breakpoint controls have been moved to the new Top Level Toolbar.
Breakpoints can now also be set by right clicking nodes in the Sites and History tabs.

Report menu

The Report Menu has been significant changed and now includes the following menu items:

Generate Report… Which now generates reports on demand
Export Messages to File… Moved from the File Menu
Export Response to File… Moved from the File Menu
Export ALL URLs to File… New functionality
Compare with another session… New functionality

Improved history searching

The new Search tab allows you to search for regular expressions in all of the URLs, requests and responses.
Next and previous buttons allow you view the found search terms in the Request and Response tabs.

History filter

The History Filter Toolbar has been added which allows you to restrict which requests are displayed.
Requests can be filtered based on the HTTP methods, the HTTP result codes, and any tags, alerts, or notes that have been applied.


You can now associate notes with any request.

Multiple Tags

You can now associate multiple tags with any request.

More control over the alerts

The Add Alert dialog allows you to manually add or change an alert.

New encoder/decoder

A new Encode/Decode/Hash dialog has replaced the previous Encoder/Decoder.

Passive scanning

Passive scanning has been added.
In this release ZAP will only use passive scanning for automatically adding tags.
In future releases it may also raise alerts for potential issues.

Minor changes:

The Top Level Toolbar

The Top Level Toolbar has been added which provides a set up buttons for commonly used functionality.

Counts of the High, Medium, Low and Informational alerts are now displayed in the footer.

New look and feel

A new look and feel ‘Nimbus’ is used.

Proxy password handling

The Options Connection screen has a new option to ‘Prompt for proxy credentials on start up’.
If this option is selected then your proxy password will not be stored on the hard disk.

Resend from the Sites tab

The Sites tab has a new right click menu item that allows you to resend the request after making any changes to it that you want to.

User directory maintained between sessions

The last directory used by the user is now stored in the config file so that it is maintained between sessions.

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